Acorn Stair Lifts

As the largest worldwide manufacturer of stairlifts, Acorn was founded in 1992 and based out of Yorkshire in the United Kingdom with distribution centers in both the United States and Canada. They are renowned for manufacturing quality, battery powered stair lifts. Much like Bruno, these are technologically advanced units with neat functions such as whisper quite operation, remote controls, digital status display and safety sensors.

All Acorn stair lifts are powered by DC current, as in batteries. They feel this is important so that your lift will work when it matters most, like during power outages. This also is important for the do-it-yourself installer, since you won’t need to hire an electrician to wire up the power suppy. And, of course, DC power is known for being very controllable – which helps to achieve ultra smooth starts and stops. These are a few of the reasons why Acorn is at the forefront of battery technology.

The Acorn SuperGlide stair chair lift is quite possibly the smoothest, most advanced stairlift available today. With a nearly 300lb weight capacity, which can be upgraded, it’s right on par with the other major manufacturers and in our opinion is the quietest liftchair on the market today. It’s not attributed just the battery power either, their unique rail roller system and chassis roller profile has eight wheels giving it the most rolling surface of any chair stair lift manufacturer. Paired with a rack and pinion steering system, the SuperGlide is arguably the safest and smoothest of all models offered by any company.

Installation is pretty straightfoward, and because the system treads on top of the stairs rather than being mounted on the wall – installing their “factory-prepared” system can be done by anyone mechanically inclined (that’s you – the do it yourself guy!) with an few hours to spare. There are models tailored to both curved and straight stairways, along with a perched model for narrow stairs or those with difficulty bending their legs. Acorn also builds a model for outdoor use, with weather resistant plastic and metal and can be covered. All in all, they’re definately a go-to brand whether you’re looking to install yourself or hire a professional.