Stair Lift Accessories

When deciding who you should purchase your stair lift from you need to look at many different things. You have to know what type of stair lifts they offer, what price they are, what safety features the models have, and also what type of accessories you are able to purchase through them.

Along with having the necessary safety features some people require that they have certain accessories that can make things safer – but also easier for them to use their stair lift. Many of these accessories must be purchased along with the chair depending on the company that you purchase from and the model you need.

Hinged Rail

A hinged rail is something to consider using when you have a narrow staircase in your home. This is able to allow the rail to fold upwards and into the wall when the lift is not being used. When it is folded up it keeps it out of the way from other people who need to walk up and down the stairs and will reduce the amount of tripping they will do. It also helps when there is a doorway at the bottom or top of the stairs.

Sit And Stand Frame

The sit and stand frame is used for people who would like to use the stair lift one of two ways. It allows them to either sit in the chair when traveling up or down the stairs. Or they can stand on the footrest and travel in this manner. The folding security bar helps to keep the person steady while using it and is great for people who have trouble when trying to bend their knees.

Safety Locking System

It isn’t surprising to know that people who have children will try to find ways to make sure that they do not use them when you are away or busy doing something else. It is an obvious attraction for them – but in order to keep the lift in proper condition you do not want to wear it down by too much use.

The best stair lift accessory you are able to purchase to keep them from playing with it is to use a model that has a locking mechanism. Most of the time these come with specific keys that are used to lock and unlock them.