Stair Lift Safety Features

When purchasing any type of stair lift from one of the many companies you need to make sure that the model you choose comes available with the necessary safety features. These features are commonly found on the newer stair lift models and help to make the ride up and down the stairs safer and also smoother.

Limit Sensors

The stair lift model should have limit sensors that are built into different portions of the chair. These sensors will notice if someone or something is in front of it and will bring the chair to a smooth stop.


The majority of stair lifts are designed with both electronic and mechanical brakes. Both of these work together to make sure that the chair is able to be stopped by the user should anything happen.

Control Lift Options

It is easy to control the stair lift if there is more then one way to do it. Every lift has a mechanical joystick that is built onto the arm of the chair. However, it is better to also have an infrared remote control. This control is best to have when you have more then one person in the home who will be using the lift. It allows the user to call the lift to them when it is on the opposite side of the staircase. These controls are wireless or they are able to be mounted to a wall.

Seat Belt

For the safest ride you should be wearing a safety belt. this stair lift safety feature should come available with each model and is often free.

Swivel Chair

It would be hard to get on and off the chair if it stays stationary while at the top of the stairs. That is why they are built to swivel in all directions and lock itself into place. This makes it easy to mount and dismount safely and with ease.