Straight Stair Lifts

There are two main types of stair lifts that people are able to use. These include the straight and curved stair lifts. The curved lifts are used in homes that have staircases which bend and curve their way to the top floor. Straight stair lifts are used on the opposite types of staircases – which have no curved in them at all.

The lifts are built to travel in a straight line up and down the staircase making them one of the easiest and simplest to use and purchase. It is more common for someone to need a straight stair lift than the curved and because of this they are easier to purchase and often more affordable. This is mainly because they do not need to be custom built.

People who are unable to afford a brand new unit will be happy to know that they may be able to find a used stair lift that will fit their staircase. All that they have to do is measure the length and width of their staircase and try to see if there is one that matches this description. This also gives them the option of removing and taking their straight stair lift with them when or if they move.

One of the only problems that some people have when it comes to these types of stair lifts is the small amount of overhang that a few of them have. Usually at the top or the bottom of the stair there may be an inch of overhang. However, if you correctly measure your staircase than this should not be a problem.

In order to avoid this problem you should also have the manufacturer install the straight stair lift for you. Upon arrival they should be able to install it to your stairs and show you how it all works. They should be able to show you where all of the controls are, how to operate it up and down the stairs, and what safety measures you need to take.